How I spent last night having a Polysomnography

My oh so patient and tolerant wife, Sheila, has long suffered with my snoring. Despite wearing ear plugs, it’s not uncommon at all for her to be disturbed by the racket coming from my soft palate. She has told me repeatedly that I stop breathing while sleeping. I’ve asked a couple of doctors about this, and they have indicated that I don’t have the “physiology” for Sleep Apnea.  However, I trust my wife more than the doctors and pursued the matter with a specialist. A visit to an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor a couple of months ago resulted in the ordering of a Polysomnography also known as a sleep study. Thankfully my health insurance covers this expensive, hospital based over-night test.  Living in a big city has it’s benefits, as the Sleep Lab at the UCSF Mt Zion facility, is less than a mile from our apartment.  The Sleep Technologist can’t give a diagnosis, that must wait until the Sleep Doctor issues his report, but in my judgment, based on the more than 100 interruptions to my sleep in about 3 hours and the way the use of CPAP or VPAP virtually eliminated them, it certainly seems that I have Sleep Apnea.

Of course, being a photojournalist, I had to take pictures of the experience of the test. Here’s a picture of Sean, the Sleep Technologist, getting me all hooked up for the study and there are more photos in the gallery…

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See More Photos

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